As an, we have a production capacity of 125,000 suits per year in our jackets, trousers and vest production facilities with 300 employees, and our method of engineering based on productivity and other methods of sewing techniques enriched with experience is applied simultaneously. With its experienced staff in production, it has a suit manufacturing facility with the flexibility to adapt to any model variability.


The model house is closely monitoring the fashion of the day with the computer-aided technology of the first stage of the textile and the mold removal, analyzing what the future trends of the fashion might be and it serves in this regard.Design and mold works are done in computer environment in the model house and CAD - CAM technology supported by Gerber and Novocad system used by this sector is used. collections designed by professional staff who specialize in the model house can meet the different model needs of the customers and they can make molds and desired model applications in line with customer wishes.

Afterwards, the pastes of the prepared molds are formed and the cut is made ready.

Cutting House

In our Cuttinghouse section; Cutting supported by CAD_CAM systems, automatic cutting is done so that there is no need for manual machining.CuttingHouse is serving on production lines constitutes the first stage of production. It is equipped with automatic cutting machines and interlining machines suitable for our technology. Our cutting department has an average of 700-900 suits cutting capacity per day.On the other hand, workers with expertise in work that require fine hand -workmanship are ready to produce at a high quality with working methods that optimize the fit between parts.After the fabric, lining and auxiliary materials are spread, the body serial number is struck on the pieces of the body which are cut after being laid on the pasties. After this process, the necessary parts of the fabric cut in the interlining press section are attached to the other bands after being stitched.


At facilities, there is a trousers production line serving domestic and foreign client groups.With its experienced staff, the pants band has the flexibility to adapt to any kind of model variability and has a total production capacity of 900 pcs / day. The machine parks equipped with state-of-the-art technology, rail system technology, an integrated facility can meet any demand.. All information between departments is controlled through advanced information processing systems.

Final Iron

Ironing in garment production is a special significance. In the ironing / pressing stage, it has the latest technology imported from Europe in its own special ironing presses, and the ironing / pressing stage which directly affects the quality and the production process is completed and the goods which are ready for customer use and quality control process are finished.

Quality Control

The iron and quality control process, which takes place in the final stage of production in the garment sector, are important factors affecting the quality of the product., which aims at quality control of the suit, starting with the product design, aiming for error-free production in all departments with process controls and final controls which are continuing with the fabric control in the factory. after which it is dispatched to the shipment department.


There are two finished warehouses where all preparations are made in order to store the quality and carefully manufactured products and to be shipped to the customers. Our warehouses with 5000 suits storage capacities are computer controlled. The temperature and humidity values ​​in the warehouse are kept under control for 24 hours and ideal conditions are ensured so that the products are not damaged.For the shipment, the products are stored with suit carrier and are packed and shipped according to the customer's request after they are made ready for the hanging situation.